International Kung-Fu Federation Germany


President of IKFF Germany: Sigung Jens Richter.

In 1980, Dr. Che Cheng Chiang came to the United States with an enthusiastic heart, to introduce the Chinese Kung Fu to the western world. He first established the American Chinese Kung Fu Federation and Chinese Kung Fu Acupressure Center in Los Angels. During that time, he spent most of his time to teach martial arts for free, and treat patients with traditional Chinese medicine. Gradually, Chinese Kung Fu became very popular. On June 30, 1981, the International Martial Arts/Kung Fu Federation was established in America that laid a solid foundation for the Federation today. Now the federation has seventy six branches,  two hundred thousand members around the world. Chinese Kung Fu are taught and  martial arts enthusiasts from different parts of the world gathered to demonstrate their skills to promote the development of martial arts in America and in the world.

In 1980s, he began working with the mainstream community, and was appointed as a member of the Republican Party Inner Circle Commission. In 2002, he was awarded both the party's Highest Leadership Award and the Greatest Contribution Award. In 2004, he received the President Award which was issued by four Republican Presidents: Ford, Reagan, Bush and George W. Bush. On different occasions he has been awarded Special Contribution Awards, Honorary Citizen and City Keys by the mayors and police departments of the cities of Los Angeles and Monterey Park. He has also been a four time recipient of a Special Awards from the California State Government. In June, 2008, Dr. Chiang was invited to the RNC Conference and President's Dinner at this time he was awarded the Republican Party Outstanding Lifetime Leadership Special Contribution Award Certificate and the "Outstanding Community Service Award". President Barack Obama awarded in 2009 a "Lifetime Achievement Award" and in 2010 Dr. Che Cheng Chiang was selected by President Barack Obama as a member of the Democratic National Committee . He won the heart of the Senate Committee. He truly is the light of Asia! National Committee . He won the heart of the Senate Committee. He truly is the light of Asia!   
Che-Cheng Chiang, World President of IMAF/IKFF


International Kung-Fu Federation Germany


International Kung-Fu Federation Germany

Sigung Jens Richter

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World Cup Martial Arts Championship

The First World Cup Martial Arts Championship was held in Los Angeles on August 15, 1987. It was decided that the World Cup Martial Arts Championship would be held every two years.

2nd World Cup , Los Angeles, USA, September, 1989.

3rd World Cup, Madrid, Spain, November, 1991.

4th World Cup, Los Angeles, USA, June, 1993.

5th World Cup, Cordoba, Spain, April, 1995.

6th World Cup, Mendoza, Argentina, October, 1997.

7th World Cup, Budapest, Hungary, October, 1999.

8th World Cup, Tokyo, Japan, October, 2001.

9th World Cup, Asuncion, Paraguay, July, 2003.

10th World Cup, Milan, Italy, December, 2005.

11th World Cup, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, November, 2007.

12th World Cup, Seoul, South Korea, May, 2009.

13th World Cup Argentinia, 2011